Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Kikkawa: Kikka Channel 6

And here is the comeback of the Kikka Channel !!

This time the video introduced the filming of the You Kikkawa's PV. This PV has been filmed on February in Tōkyō.

You comes to the studio and introduces her dress. The cameraman asks her what is the main point of her style. For her, the suits of playing cards and the type of the dress, which reminds of an umbrella, are the "kawaii" parts of her dress.
She announces she is quite nervous being alone on the filming stage but she will try her best.
Following this we can hear the staff giving advices on the PV.

During a break You has fun with a mirror and wishes to be filmed.
And after the last shooting the young girl says she is tired, it was her first time doing this but she enjoyed it. The following step is the release of the single!

To finish with this video, we can see You working for the CM of the release and watching the PV. She even says she finds her cute and feel embarrassed ;)

PS: I need to add her next single release has been postponed on May, 11th.

1 comment:

  1. At that stage, I feel like I want to play with de balloons haahah :D

    The mirror was my favorite part, looks so cool! and when she was playing it was really funny!

    There's a lot of work. Ganbatte You!