Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Kikkawa: Kikka Channel 4

This is the time for a new Kikka channel ;)

So after the rude words of the musical director Michitomo, You Kikkawa is back to the recording.
She enters the recording studio with a cheerful face, totally different from the previous time. She begins to sing and the musical director asks her again to change somehow her way of singing, giving once again more emotions, even if it is quite better compare to the previous time when he get angry...

Then during a small break, You says she is really hungry and asks if it is soon time to eat: she wants to eat cabbage.

Back to the recording, Michitomo asks her an important question: how can she explain the feelings and resume this song except the singing part?
As soon as she heard this question, the facial expression of the young girl changes, what his the real meaning of the words behind the song?

You answers it is a song about an unrequited first love, so this is not easy, etc. but when the other girls in the same situation will hear it, it will become a supporting song for them. Michitomo just said "indeed!!" and she has to add those feelings while singing now to give this nice energy.
You tries again to sing and it becomes really great!! She finally reached what the strict musical director was expecting from her.

She finally gives her feelings about the recording of the day. It was really different and she understood the song, etc.
She wants the people to listen to this supporting song from now.

Then we see You in an elevator, and something raised her! This is the end of the video, with the mini-live tour dates...

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  1. Parece que estuvo difícil para ella la comprensión de la canción. Me alegra que haya podido lograrlo, pues el tema de "un corazón partido" para los oyentes con esta experiencia, ellos tienen expectativas altas. En lo personal, me gustó como interpretó la última linea de la canción de este video (5:10). Pienso una linea bien lograda, con la intensidad correcta. Gracias por la traducción!

    It seems it was difficult to her understand the song. I'm glad she could do it, since the subject of "a broken heart" for listeners with this experience, they have high expectations. Personally, I liked how she played the last line of the song in this video (5:10). I think a line well achieved with the right intensity. Thanks for the translation! =D