Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hanabatakebokujō and the whey pigs

Hanabatakebokujō is taking care of a pig farm (breeding them for consumption meat). Those pigs are called "whey pigs".

Whey pigs

To begin with, Hanabatakebokujō had the chance to start the pig farming because of the milk.

In fact when they began to produce milk, there was some remaining liquid, this is why it came to their mind to find a solution to use it for something.

The whey is like the liquid above in the yogurt you can buy in supermarkets.
The portion of the raw cheese to make cheese is just 10%, the 90% remaining becomes whey. However the remaining whey still contains nutrition ellements, so it does not have to be thrown away.

Parma Ham (Prosciutto) is a famous ham in Italy and the traditional way to make it is to make the pigs drink whey. Knowing this, the company president Yoshitake Tanaka naturally studied a solution for the farm.

Yoshitake Tanaka and the whey pigs

And in 2008 spring, Hanabatakebokujō began to take care of a pig farm. To make those pigs drink whey, you have to act cool and in a tender way for this animal.

Then for the cooking, they use a charcoal fire to grill it passionately. You can eat after the famous whey butadon (rice cover with pork and vegetables). The result is salty and sweet, really GOOD!

The efforts of Hanabatakebokujō to raise well the whey pigs deserve you to try to eat these dish!!

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