Wednesday, March 9, 2011

T-Pistonz+KMC: profile and PVs

After introducing Takao Horiuchi to present you other artists, now is the turn for T-Pistonz+KMC.

The T-Pistonz and the rapper KMC have formed together T-Pistonz+KMC.
As soon as you will see them on stage, you will immediately dance and jump. You will be mesmerized by their melodies!!

This is a dream come true for children and adults, a present of love for all the public!! They grab the whole world's attention!!

7 members are part of this unit:
- Ton Niiso, lead vocal, birthday : May, 2th, blood group: A,
- KMC, rapper, birthday : June, 11th, blood group: O,
- In Chikiita, dancer, birthday : October, 25th, blood group: B,
- Ebiriina, dancer, birthday : March, 16th, blood group: O,
- Shuu Mai Mai, dancer, birthday : October, 30th, blood group: B,
- Brother A King, guitarist, birthday : January, 18th, blood group: O,
- Hiroshi Dot, side vocal, birthday : May, 17th, blood group: A.

And to provide you a better idea of their music, here are several PVs!!

Bokura no Goal!

Good Kitaa!

Katte Nakou Zee!

Tsunaga Riiyo

Maji de Kansha!


Riiyo ~Seishun no Inazuma Eleven~

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  1. Hey! they have a good ritm!! *-* I love it, specialy Good Kitaa! and a more! n_n)/

  2. maji de kansha... berryz kobo

  3. I never heard about them before... But I like them! They're funny and I like the sound of their songs! :-)

  4. Have heard about them but this is like my first time getting to know more about them. Thanks :D

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing this Phil, I've seen them before and I must say, they really improved a lot. Love the stuffs you posted - never knew UFA is having artist other than H!P. Really looking forward from this group.