Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Kikkawa: Kikka Channel 5

New Kikka Channel!!

This time we can see You Kikkawa after the recording of her single Kikkake wa YOU!
She meets the Passpo, a unit of the same company and You discovers some of the members have the same age as her (18 years old) and each has her own special shoes lace color.
After a small talk with them, she leaves the room while saying they are funny.
She says while meeting them, she had the same feeling while beeing in the Hello! Project Egg but now she has a solo carrier. But she begins to sense strongly what it means being a solo artist...

Then we see You during the photo-session for the single's jacket. And because the recording is over, she feels more relaxed.
She has to salute her senpai (her senior): Aya Matsuura!! As soon as they introduce themselves, Aya says she feels the idol on her. You answers she will try her best. A staff asks Aya to give an advice to her kouhai (junior) but the senpai answers she is a solo artist so there should not be any problem, she will feel at ease.

Just after in the elevator, You says Aya is great and cute and it was her first time talking with her, even if she met her before.
And on February 13th, You had an pre-debut event (but if you're following the blog, you already knew about it ;)). Singing as a solo artist is happiness for her now!
So after her efforts in the hard moments, she can feel pleasure now and began promotion for her debut.

This is the end of the video with a spoiler about the next Kikka Channel \o/


  1. I'm sure Kikka can be just as great as Ayaya! I can't wait for the full PV to come out! Go Kikka!

    For the mean time help get #morningmusume to be the trending topic on twitter on the 22/3 and 23/3 in conjunction with the release of their new single!

  2. Hey is kikka still part of hello project?

  3. Obviously I don´t know anything about be a Idol, but I think it feels more comforable doing on a group, but It's time to You shining alone. She is doing her best!, despite she looked nervous at the shake hand event, she shows a beautiful smile! This means be an Idol, it isn't?