Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sayaka Kitahara profile and her single Yappa Seishun

This time I will introduce you the profile of a new solo artist, Sayaka Kitahara.

Birth Date: 1993/11/29
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Cooking, decoration
Special Skill: Speed typing emails
Sayaka Kitahara
In September 2004, Sayaka Kitahara became a Hello! Pro Egg. In November 2006, she appeared in a stage called Geki Haro Edo kara Chakushin!? ~Time Slip to Kengai~.
In April 2008, she was the voice actress (seiyuu) of Noel Yukino for the anime Kirarin☆Revolution and sang under the unit MilkyWay (with Koharu Kusumi and You Kikkawa) the theme song Anataboshi. Some months later, in October, MilkyWay released a CD, Tan Tan Taan!.
In November 2009, she performed in a stage called Rin Toshite! and then in April 2010 for Kaibutsu no Dokomo.
In September 2010, she appears in the movie Kidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki Tsukimono (with Erina Mano and You Kikkawa).

This year, Sayaka becomes the voice of Aoi Sorano for the anime Inuzama Eleven GO and sings the ending Yappa Seishun, single which will be released on June, 22th!!

This is her first solo single, so give a try ;)


  1. I pre-ordered it, loved the PV preview with Yossie.

  2. Après You voilà que Sayaka aussi passe en solo. Décidément c'est l'année des ex-Milky Way ^_^

  3. I'm thinking about ordering this single..maybe.. I'm not sure because I don't have money so much now (I bought 7 H!P cd)
    Luckily there is still over week before this goes out to stores. I really hope that Sayaka has good start, she was my favorite egg and member at MIlkyway so I'll definitely support her~