Thursday, June 9, 2011

DVD of You Kikkawa movie, Kikkake wa YOU!

The movie of You Kikkawa Kikkake wa YOU! will be released on DVD the 13th of July.
Limited release (4980 yens) includes:
DVD1 = movie (70') + preview
DVD2 = making of (40') + 7 Kikka Channel (40')

Regular release (2980 yens) includes:
DVD = movie (70') + bonus (7') (bonus not present in the limited release)

But there will be also a documentary dvd (2980 yens) of 90 minutes.


  1. It's probably too much to ask for official subtitles, but I'm hoping fansubbers will do this one.

  2. I would definitely love a Region 1 release!

  3. Since here Finland is same region code than Japan it would be awesome to buy this. But it's now use when there isn't subtitles...