Thursday, June 23, 2011

Events for Berryz Kobo's new single, Ai no Dangan

This last Saturday, Berryz Kobo held 3 events at Yamano Hall in Tokyo to celebrate the release of their new single, Ai no Dangan.
They sang some songs, including the last single and made some special MCs where they acted funny.
Then they shook hands with every fan, so I took some pictures for you :


  1. Thanks, this is great! By the way, it's "handshake", not "hand check" :)

    And "shook hands" not "checked hand"

    But these are great photos, thanks!

  2. Momo looks so short in the last photo. I forget how short she is until I see her compared to the other members. :)

    Chiami looks especially cute.

  3. Yay Berryz! Risako looks so cute! I love Captain's hairstyle and Miyabi's glasses. ^^

    I love the T-shirts too!