Friday, June 3, 2011

Miki Hirayama Profile

Name: Miki Hirayama
Birth Place: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Photographing and collections
Miki Hirayama
Miki Hirayama is born in Tokyo. She rapidly took lessons of music in Japanese conservatory.
In 1967, she worked as staff for an ongaku kissa (music's bar, which was a popular venue for live jazz music for example) called Meitsu, in Ginza, and appeared on stage.
In 1970 she released her first single Beautiful Yokohama under the label Columbia. Her second single, Manatsu no Dekigoto was a big hit and made her a famous singer.
Being 18 years old, she has learned jazz piano from Yuzure Sera.

After an interval of 14 years, she released the album This is Miki Hirayama in 2006. This album contained arrangements of Miki' songs.
In 2007, the album Koi no Kibun de is offered for sale on October, 24th. In this album, Miki arranges famous songs like Yesterday, Fly Me to the Moon, etc.  but also her hit Manatsu no Dekigoto in bossa nova and jazz style.

In 2010, she collaborates for the single Miyako Onna feat Miki (video here). In fact, the real name of the character Miyako Onna is Miyako Yuuzuki. A spin-off has also been created for goodies.
This collaboration hits the charts for several weeks. Following this, she had another success with Kyouto Yousu Ten.
After that she successfully sang neo-enka songs and continued with important collaborations.

Then, I think some of you already know Miki Hirayama because she made some collaborations in the show Uta Doki! Pop Classics with Yuko Nakazawa, Mai Satoda, Aya Matsuura, etc.
You can buy the DVDs of this TV show for those who are interested.

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