Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morning Musume。: Maji desu ka suka! is released today (special bonus inside)

Today is the release of the 45th single of the Morning Musume。, Maji desu ka suka?

The new members, called as the "Kyū Ki" (9期 which means 9th generation) and myself wished to give you a bonus thanks to this special day and for the blog.
During a break between work, they made this picture for you, readers of this blog living in overseas !!
From left to right: Kanon Suzuki, Riho Sayashi, Erina Ikuta et Mizuki
You can read in Japanese "Maji de ? UP-FRONT LINK", which is a small joke with the name of the single and the translation which means somehow "Really ? UP-FRONT LINK".

Did you order your copy ? Did you take several versions ?
A small reminder, it will be the first single with the new members of the 9th generation and besides, there will be 4 special versions with for each the interview of one of the new member and a PV in an alternate version.

Limited version A includes the interview of Mizuki Fukumura.
Limited version B includes the interview of Erina Ikuta.
Limited version C includes the interview of Riho Sayashi.
Limited version D includes the interview of Kanon Suzuki.

Now you just have to proove to the girls and myself you are following the blog like they request!!


  1. I'm serious when I say this: I bought 14 copies of this single. I'm so proud to be a fan!

  2. Wow 14 is so damn much (O___O) I was poor so I ordered only one...
    Limited Edition D because it has Dance shot version +Cover art is best. (sad it don't have Riho's interview)

  3. I bought the regular, I didnt want to be bias, because each girl is awesome in her own way :>

  4. I like the girls, like the new girls as well (Mizuki's e-hello dvd preview was charming ^^), but their music is just not my world.
    I prefer Bouono's music to Momusu's for example.

    However i have to admit, that i liked Maji Desu ka Ska. I just don't have faith in their music. Ok, new girls, new Momusu, which is great, but if the music is still the same... i don't know.

    But we will see, i guess... :)

  5. I wasn't able to do any but I'm going to do my best to get one soon!

  6. Yeah, I bought all four, just can't resist 'em. Wasn't really keen on the song at first but now I can't get it out my mind.
    Looking forward to "Only You".

  7. Go go Cookies! I hope they can stay in the Top 5 for the week for their first single.

  8. This new single fills me with energy!! I just want to dance and dance singing MAJIDESUKA SUKA!!

    Go new memebers!! You're doing well ^^

    Come to Mexico!!

  9. Morning Musume needs more promotion.

    Give them a new HaroMorning or at least get 9th Gen on Music Station. :(

    I bought it though. :)

  10. I love the hair styles! Finally they are wearing something more than just hair down all the time :)
    Finland is supporting Morning Musume!
    KANON I <3 YOU