Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vote for the Morning Musume。 to let them win the Japan Expo Awards

The Morning Musume。 who came last year to Japan Expo in France for a crazy concert have the possibility to win two Japan Expo Awards.
Here is the link to vote.
So support them while voting like this:
Best group or artist
Best album
You have to vote for the other categories, add your email and suscribe or not to the Japan Expo mailing list and clic to validate your vote.

Then you should have this which means your vote was ok:

Spread this news and make the Morning Musume。 win those two awards!! (of course, one vote per IP/email). Thank you in advance :)

Edit: an email with a link will be sent to validate your vote, mine was in my spam box so be careful!


  1. Listo!! Vámos Morning Musume!♥

    Done!! Go Morning Musume!☺

  2. Voted!
    Morning Musume, вперед! =)

  3. モーニング娘。最高~

  4. Just noticed that the last image is not the final step, it says that you will receive an email confirmation. You should clearly mention that we need to validate the vote via the link in the email.

    The confirmation email says "Afin de valider votre vote, merci de cliquer sur ce lien," which asks you to click the link to validate the vote. Only then will you see the screen that the vote has been validated.

  5. Claro que votaremos! Pero nos gustaría votar tan bien al mejor grupo idol en tocar suelos Mexicanos xD

  6. Voted!
    I hope they will come back soon!
    I loved their concert <3

  7. Voted! Can this be done over and over again?

  8. ^
    yes, if you have another email address

  9. ok, thx... i thought because of the ip, it's not possible.