Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Kikkawa, new pre-debut event

You Kikkawa held on sunday two pre-debut events in the Tower Records shop of Shibuya. Of course Up-Front Link was there to make a report of this event, and this time I took many pictures!
Tower Records of Shibuya
After what happened in Japan, unfortunately You had to cancel many events and the release of her single has been postponed to May, 11th. But still, while being more and more present in the medias, she is also trying her best to be close to her new fans.

So on this sunday, many fans came to see her singing and to check her hand.
Entrance of the stage
As soon as she comes on stage, people are singing, jumping, dancing with penlights while You is singing her first single Kikkake wa YOU!
You begins to sing...
Then it's time to dance!
End of the song
She continues to sing other songs, without letting her fans taking a break.
You singing
And after 4 songs, a staff from Universal comes on stage to ask her some fans' questions. She talks about the movies she likes, and she recently saw Paranormal Activity!!
You's dreams...
Her next dream is to go to many places to meet people and also to go to Kōhaku Uta Gassen (famous annual TV show on New Year's Eve).

Then she sang her last song after more than 30 minutes of show.
You dancing
It's gonna be the end!
And few minutes after her last song, it is time for the handshake event. As usual she is smiling to all her fans who are totally happy.
Handshake event

I couldn't let you just like this and here is a bonus with this picture!!
Picture of You just for the blog


  1. Glad that she's resuming her activities. I'll be supporting her all the way from my country :D

  2. Kikka ganbare~ I will support you always!!!