Friday, April 15, 2011

Report of the charity event Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu ~From Yokohama with love~

It was quite a rainy day on April, 9th. But still, people were waiting for the beginning of the event with umbrellas in Yokohama Yamashita's park. Some were there for many hours under the cold rain.
The public was well balanced, many fans of idols of course but also many parents and their children and also many girls.

This day had to be special and it has really been!
98 artists of Up-Front Group on stage
Genki Aizawa and Junko Shinoda arrived on stage to introduce this event.The mayor of the city Fumiko Hayashi made a nice talk to the public and wished people to come back to the park like they were used to do in the past.
So after the official people, it was the turn of the some talents of Up-Front Group to talk like Takao Horiuchi, Shoko Aida, Chisato Moritaka and of course Tsunku♂.
Takao Horiuchi
Shoko Aida
Chisato Moritaka
KAN, the writer of the song Ai wa Katsu, was the last to talk with a powerful Ganbarou Nippon!! (Let's do our best Japan!!). All the artists sang this nice song followed by the audience, many thousands of people!!
Ganbarou Nippon!! 
Then all the artists have been divided in several groups in three areas: Yamashita Park, Chinatown and Motomachi.
Some were saying thank you and checking hands to the people giving money and the other ones were selling charity t-shirts to the people.
Comedian Tokihide Okami from Joujou Gundan
Saki Ogawa from S/mileage
Kaori Iida selling a t-shirt to a young girl
Tsunku and Mari Yaguchi asking people to come to buy t-shirts
Mai Satoda and two T-Pistonz members asking people to come and buy t-shirts
Maya Hayashi and Noriko Kato selling t-shirts
Many artists like Mari Yaguchi, Koharu Kusumi, etc. in Chinatown area to thank people for their generosity
Tsunku at the entrance of temple in Chinatown to thank people
Long line of people waiting to give money
Aya Matsuura, KAN, Erina Mano, Takui Nakajima and Yuki Maeda at the Motomachi area
So do not forget you can buy this charity song on iTunes here and Ganbarou Nippon!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the photos from this event!

  2. Thx Phil for the coverage. I'm glad that so many people have the heart to help their fellow brethren in need :D