Wednesday, August 3, 2011

End of the blog... but not of Facebook!

Hello everyone,

Some of you will not be surprised but this blog will end from now to be totally focused on the Facebook page.
Then this is true some do not have yet an account, they dislike Facebook, etc. but whatever is done, it is not possible to make everyone happy. Moreover there were not really reasons to keep this blog while doing the same thing on Facebook.

And from now, I will ask you, all the people who can understand English all over the world, something. I know there are more than 1700 fans of Up-Front artists... Many thousands fans came to see Morning Musume。, HANGRY&ANGRY-f and Berryz Kobo in America for example.
We can easily reach 10 000 fans, so are you ready for this bet?

So to all of you, you know what do you have to do now: like the Facebook page of Up-Front Link. The more who will be, the more exclusive pictures, live-reports, etc. you will have. You will not be disappointed ;)

Thank you all for your support!!

And for the Facebook page, this is HERE.


  1. I'm saddened, I don't use Facebook since I'm worried about their shoddy data protection and many privacy concerns, so I won't be following you over.

    Why not leave this blog up? I costs you NOTHING. Blogger is free and you can easily just automatically post the stuff you post on Facebook on this blog. (Free) services like will easily do that for you.

    It's always better in the age of the internet and Web 2.0 to have your stuff present on as many platforms as possible.

    If you were to open an Official Up Front Link Twitter account however, I would follow that immediately. And again you can easily crosspost the stuff you do on Facebook on twitter.

    In any case: good luck and don't forget that Hello!Project has lots of international fans.

  2. You can still have a "basic" account on Facebook, you do not have to fill everything. You can give a try, perhaps it is worth it.

  3. For those of you who are hesitating or unwilling to create a Facebook account, you can follow Up-Front Link's Facebook page via RSS feed. Here's the link:

    Of course, if you want to leave a comment you have to create an account. So Up-Front Link's suggestion to create a "basic" account is absolutely valid. Use a pseudonym if you have privacy concers.

    I hope that as soon as Google+ offers profiles for companies and comes out of the beta phase you will also create a presence there.

    And Up-Front Link, you should r e a l l y think about opening a twitter account: There are no embeddable counters for RSS feed subscribers, but you could use Twitter as feed substitute. And it can be done automatically, no extra work needed:

    "like the Facebook page of Up-Front Link. The more who will be, the more exclusive pictures, live-reports, etc. you will have."
    Try the other way around... ;-)

  4. Hm, can't say I'm really sad or happy. I use Facebook a lot, so I don't have a problem with the blog going down. Good luck no matter what platform you use! :)

  5. I'm happy that the up-front link isn't completely disappearing!! Its great to have official Hello!Project news in English <3 I hope this can only mean more posts on the facebook page ^_^

  6. I'm pretty sad that this blog is going to end. It was much more nicer than Facebook. There it's more easy to miss some news. And I don't even use Facebook so much these days..

    So sad, I really loved to visit this blog every day ;__;

  7. @Puolukka
    No need to be sad, Puolukka. You can follow their Facebook page without the need to log in, while remaining with the look & feel of this blog. Just use a feed reader, like Google Reader or RSSOwl, and subscribe to their RSS feed (mentioned in my last post).

    If you are Firefox user it's very easy to subscribe: While logged in your Google account, click on this link for their Facebook feed (, then select in the drop-down menu to subscribe via Google. Now you have two options how to read the news. I recommend Google Reader.

    Since it keeps track what you have read and shows new announcements in bold letters, it's impossible to miss any news anymore. And it's a great way to follow other blogs, too.

    In the end, I think it's the right decision to close this blog (and its french counterpart) and moving completely to Facebook. The community seems to be more active over there.

    I guess Up-Front Link needed an easy, accessible approach to count and display the numbers of unique users, in order to justify this project. Facebook offers this with the Like-button.

    So, make sure, if you have an Facebook account, to hit the Like-button on Up-Front Link's Facebook page, before subscribing to their RSS feed.

    Well, see you on the other side! ;-)